Gentry Farm


Organic Soaps

Paraben free! Organic to the point we can tell you what field the ingredients came from! Plus they smell great!

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The Sweet Stuff

Jams, Jellies, Butters all made fresh and from organic ingredients grown in Hoopers Creek by experienced farmers.

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Farm Fresh Honey

Fresh honey from Bee's located right here on our farm! We can even name (most) of them.

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Slow Down.

That's what we do here; we slow down. The hustle can take its toll on you, your health and your sanity. On our farm we slow down. We take time to ensure that each plant is carefully tended too and nurtured to perfection before we consider using it in our products. In fact, just like us, each plant grown here is a generation of the original plants that made their way into our soil.

We do not use pesticides, or chemicals on our plants or in our products. We avoid bug activity on our plants through the use of other plants. We chose a long time ago to give back to the earth that feeds us. It worked well for our ancestors, so why not us?


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